Wilbert Amdy

It has recently come to our notice that a fake online profile bearing the name of the individual Wilbert Amdy and the company name Tectrons is currently being hosted on the web site IOTsecurityinstitute.com.

Please note that the fake online profile on the IOT security institute web site is being used to impersonate the identity of Wilbert Amdy, for misleading and deceptive purposes. For example, evidence on the web site indicates that the fake profile is being used to create a false membership affiliation between Wilbert Amdy and the IOTSI Security Institute, and to create fake endorsements from Wilbert Amdy of the IOT security institute’s web site contents and activities.

Please be aware that the company Tectrons and the individual Wilbert Amdy do not have any affiliation with the IOTSI Security Institute. Please be warned that Wilbert Amdy has not and will not endorse the IOTSI Security institute, or the contents of the institute’s web site, or the activities of the IOTSI security institute. Wilbert Amdy does not know and cannot ascertain if the IOTSI security institute is a real or fake organisation.

The relevant law enforcement agencies have been notified about the existence of this fake profile that has been created using a stolen identity. Please be aware about the impersonation. Under no circumstances shall Wilbert Amdy or Tectrons be held liable or responsible for any claims, damages, losses, or other inconvenience resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of the imposter(s) using this fake profile.

You are kindly advised to immediately notify the UK National Cybercrime Agency, the UK Police Action Fraud, or the UK National Cyber Security (NCSC) Centre about any cybercrime suspicions.